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Freshman FAQs

General Questions

What are your deadlines for applying for admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and housing?

See the enrollment checklist. Contact Undergraduate Admissions for more information.

How can I find someone to talk to about my major or write to a UA academic department?

If the academic department in which you are interested has a home page, look there. You can start with our Undergraduate Programs and Majors lists – they link to academic departmental home pages, where you can find information about programs and often an e-mail link or phone number for a contact person. If you don’t see a link to what you’re looking for in either of the program listings, use the guide below to get started in the right direction. You can also contact Undergraduate Admissions by phone at (205) 348-5666 or 1-800-933-BAMA.

If you’re interested in…

  • The social sciences, most physical sciences, foreign languages, literature, or arts – contact the College of Arts and Sciences. Visit their website or call the College of Arts and Sciences Student Services Center at (205) 348-5970.
  • Business – contact the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration. Visit their website or call the A. H. Bean Undergraduate Student Services Center at (205) 348-4537 or 1-800-828-2622.
  • Advertising, public relations, TV/radio broadcasting, film, speech communication, or journalism – contact the College of Communication and Information Sciences. Visit their website or call (205) 348-8599.
  • Teaching at the elementary, middle-school, or high-school level, including special education, or in athletic training, fitness management, or human performance studies – contact the College of Education. Visit their website or call (205) 348-6050.
  • Engineering or computer science – contact the College of Engineering. Visit their website or call (205) 348-1596 or 1-800-369-ENGR.
  • Clothing, textiles, and interior design; restaurant and hospitality management; food and nutrition; consumer sciences; or human development and family studies – contact the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Visit their website or call (205) 348-6250.
  • Developing your own course of study, including independent study and interdisciplinary programs – contact New College. Visit their website, or call (205) 348-4600.
  • Nursing – contact the Capstone College of Nursing. Visit their website, or call (205) 348-6634.
  • Social work – contact the School of Social Work. Visit their website, or call (205) 348-7027.

If the UA department in which you are interested doesn’t list an address, use this general one:
The University of Alabama
Department of (name of discipline or major)
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Our campus directory information number is (205) 348-6010.

What if I don’t know what to major in?

At The University of Alabama, you’ll have plenty of time and resources to find out. You might want to begin by exploring coursework and programs using our Undergraduate Catalog. You can also visit the Career Center, where career counselors can help you pinpoint your interests and choose a major based on those interests.

Does UA offer orientation sessions?

Yes, freshman students are required to attend Bama Bound, UA’s new student orientation, which includes registration for the first semester’s classes, placement testing, and seminars on UA policies, procedures, and services. See the Orientation website for more information.

What kinds of career planning and placement services does UA offer?

From aptitude/personality tests to resumé services and on-campus interviews, UA’s Career Center works with students to help them find the careers they want. We encourage our students to start planning from the very first semester, so contact the Career Center early.

What kinds of services are available for students with physical or learning disabilities?

The University of Alabama is committed to making its programs and services accessible to all qualified students, and we accomplish that through a wide variety of support programs and services. Check out the Center for Academic Success and Office of Disability Services, two of our campus centers for disability-related accommodations and support.

What if I need special help with my coursework? What kinds of programs are available?

Contact the Center for Academic Success via their website, or by calling 205-348-5175. UA students receive individualized counseling and instruction and have access to tutors, special review sessions and videotaped lectures for some classes, workshops on study skills and time management, and more.

How big are classes at UA?

Our student-to-faculty ratio is 24:1. Some of your classes might have large lecture sections with smaller discussion or lab sections that provide more individualized attention. Many more classes, including freshman composition, will be small and will include lots of student-faculty interaction. Here’s a look at some class sizes at UA:

Class or Section SizeNumber of Classes
2-9 students429
10-19 students816
20-29 students708
30-39 students384
40-49 students241
50-99 students404
100+ students235

How long will it take me to graduate?

Most of our academic programs are based on four-year curricula (these are provided in the undergraduate catalog), but ask an academic advisor for the most up-to-date information). That is, in most UA degree programs, you can complete all of your major and University requirements in four years (eight semesters), and the courses that fill your major and University-wide requirements will be available during that four-year period. That doesn’t take into account all special circumstances, such as double majors and minors, and if you change majors, you might have to catch up by taking an overload, going to school during the summer, or taking an extra semester or year. To ensure you’re always on the track that’s best – and most efficient – for you, talk to your academic advisor, and begin planning internships, Cooperative Education, and academic majors and minors early.

What student organizations are active on campus?

There are more than 500 student organizations active on the University of Alabama campus – political, social, athletic, religious, academic, professional in nature – and almost as many opportunities for you to get involved in one or more. At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, for example, there’s Get on Board Day, where most of those 500+ organizations set up information tables on campus and sign up new members. You can also read about most of those organizations in our undergraduate catalog. Visit The SOURCE for a current listing of UA student organizations or call (205) 348-6114 for more information.

Are SAT/ACT writing scores required for admission?

A writing score is not required but can be reviewed if a student does not meet regular admissions standards as set forth by the ACT/SAT and GPA requirements.

How will UA use scored, cross test scores, and subscores of the redesigned SAT, and the writing section?

If you have taken the old SAT and the new SAT, we will use your highest score for your admission and scholarship application reviews. Highest score will be determined by utilizing test score conversion by College Board. The writing section of the SAT or ACT (either version) is not required by UA for admissions or scholarship purposes.